Leaks create ultrasounds due to vortices that forms near the gas jet

Ultrasounds: sounds that matter

Many processes create ultrasounds, such as gas leaks, partial discharges or mechanical defects. Ultrasounds are often the first indication that an element is starting to fail, well before heat/infrared emissions (if any).

From sounds to images

The surface of Ultra is composed of dozens of sensors that are listening to the sound field. When an ultrasound wave hits the surface, the different sensors detect it at different times. These differences are used to locate the ultrasound sources and represent them as a picture. Ultra takes into account an unlimited number of simultaneous sources.

Bats can be detected by the ultrasonic camera when flying

Blazing fast ultrasonic imaging

In a dozen of milliseconds, Ultra is able to output an acoustic picture. This allows to locate ultrasounds in real-time and to catch the fastest events. Frequency filtering allows to discard sound sources that do not match the characteristics of a leak, resulting in selective detection.