Inspecting with Ultra M


The leasing offer allows you to use the sensor on a monthly or annual basis. After an initial training performed by one of our certified trainer (see below), you are able to perform inspections autonomously and generate reports on your own, benefiting fully from all the features of Audalytics.

Package content:

Included in the rental:


A one day training in two parts: theory and practice. The training covers the theory and uses of Ultra M. Knowledge of the inspection environment is expected from the participants. The theory part, about 3 hours, is then followed by a practical part where each participant has to find a simulated leak (in the environment of interest if the training is per- formed on customer site). The training is concluded by an exam to assess the knowledge of the participants.


Consulting allows you to quickly get leakages identified and to see the camera in action in your plant. The Distran cer- tified inspector comes with his Ultra M device and inspects your plant according to your instructions and your priority list. Findings are discussed at the end of the inspection and a report with the findings is sent to you.

Included in the consulting: