The Distran products

Secure computing on embedded platform intern (min. 6 months) in Zurich

About Distran

Distran is a team of talented people that develops sensors and technologies unique in the world. We are not only passionate about science and technology but also want to pursue meaningful goals: increase people safety, protect the environment. Ultra M is a game changing sensor that enables industrials to quickly locate and fix gas leaks that were difficult or impossible to find before. It results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased energetic efficiency.

We hire people who are passionate, creative and have the ability to aggressively imagine and develop new solutions.


Distran has developed an advanced modular signal processing pipeline to process acoustic images in real-time and high-definition. The program is run on industry latest embedded processors. Together with the Distran team, you carefully design and implement I/O programs such as secure start-ups, update mechanisms and peripheral usage. At the end of the internship, you will have acquired deeper knowledge on embedded computing architectures, industry best practice on code implementation and how to write secure procedures.



Bringing a groundbreaking product from a nice technology to a market best seller is a challenging yet rewarding social and professional experience. This job is for you if you like to give meaning to your work and have a strong impact on a product and on a company.

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Offer added/modified on July 26, 2018