Distran Ultra

Detect gas leaks 10x faster

with Ultra M

Discover how

Ultra M - Real-time ultrasound imaging

Find gas leaks or electrical discharges in real-time so that you can fix them before safety issues occur.

The sensor overlays video images and acoustic information. The source of ultrasound can immediatly be identified as a colored spot, here pointing at a gas leak (bottom).


Don't miss a leak

The camera detects all leaks in its field of view. There is no need to scan each single element anymore.

Minimize impact on operations

A few minutes are sufficient to check an area; no complicated training required.

Document as you go

Acoustic images are visual and easy to understand. Measurement reports can be generated in a single tap.

Scan any area

Thanks to its excellent noise immunity, Ultra M can be used in extremely noisy areas, where traditional ultrasound detectors do not work.

A revolutionary principle

Ultra M's core is its multiple ultrasonic microphones included in its head. When a sound wave hits the surface of the device, it reaches the microphones at times that differ of less than a millisecond. These little time differences are sufficient for the device to find the location of the source of the wave.

Renting offer

Rent the camera monthly or annually at your convenience. The following services are included:

  • The sensor and the backpack containing everything for the inspection.
  • An access to Distran Audalytics, the online portal that allows you to download the pictures/videos, generate reports automatically and more.
  • Phone and online support (business hours)

Benefit from a reduced rate on the first two months. Consulting services are also available.


We provide optionally a 3 hours training at customer site to familiarize with the camera.

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