Distran Ultra

Detect gas leaks 10x faster

with Ultra M

Discover how

Ultra M - Real-time ultrasound imaging

Find gas leaks or electrical discharges in real-time so that you can fix them before safety issues occur.

The sensor overlays video images and acoustic information. The source of ultrasound can immediatly be identified as a colored spot, here pointing at a gas leak (bottom).


Don't miss a leak

The camera detects all leaks in its field of view. There is no need to scan each single element anymore.

Minimize impact on operations

A few minutes are sufficient to check an area; no complicated training required.

Document as you go

Acoustic images are visual and easy to understand. Measurement reports can be generated in a single tap.

Scan any area

Thanks to its excellent noise immunity, Ultra M can be used in extremely noisy areas, where traditional ultrasound detectors do not work.

A revolutionary principle

Ultra M's core is its multiple ultrasonic microphones included in its head. When a sound wave hits the surface of the device, it reaches the microphones at times that differ of less than a millisecond. These little time differences are sufficient for the device to find the location of the source of the wave.

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